Right now, we’re like the clock hands at 12:30

Sooo cute!!! ♥


Death of A Superhero (2011) ;;

Life… is a sexually transmitted disease. It’s spread by people having sex. And then in the end it kills you.

Well Beyoncé, she’s my role model. 

YMC Entertainment announces Ailee is preparing for US debut with Beyonce’s producer, Shea Taylor



YMC Entertainment revealed through a press release that Ailee has been preparing for her US debut since 2013. The company also uploaded a photo of Ailee with producer Shea Taylor on Twitter. 

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"Was our friendship worth only this much to you?


taehyung: girls are the best

taehyung: *smacks jimin’s ass*

2013/2014 = flawless

我很期待 ♡_♡